Ken Krawchuk

Candidate for Governor

Being the first third-party candidate to ever be endorsed by the Pennsylvania National Rifle Association during his run for State Representative in 1994, Ken Krawchuk is already breaking boundaries. After his historic run for State Representative, he became the first Libertarian to break the 1% barrier when he ran for Governor in 1998. A registered Libertarian since 1993, Krawchuk has been a loyal member of the party for decades, and has participated in many races during this time. A huge accomplishment accredited to Krawchuk occurred in 2000, when he sought the Libertarian nomination for vice president of the United States, ultimately placing third in a field of five. Krawchuk is a firm supporter of gay marriage and other LGBTQ rights. It is his belief that every human being is born with God-given, inalienable (natural) rights, which the government cannot take away.  With the Libertarian party backing him, Krawchuk has made it clear many times that he believes in personal freedom, which can also be seen in his policies.



Ambulai Johnson

Ambulai Johnson is a hard-working, intelligent, personable junior at Central York High School, acting as Ken Krawchuk, the Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania Governor.  He is known for being an intelligent and confident individual that’s not afraid to speak his mind, a characteristic that gives him an advantage over any other candidate. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, and this is what truly sets him apart from any other candidate.  His intelligence is known among his peers, and he has proven himself time and time again in his time in the school district.


Dale Kerns 

Candidate for Senate

From humble beginnings, Dale Kerns has never forgotten the importance of everyday Americans. With a primary goal to help the less fortunate, Kerns has been associated with a number of different volunteer programs. In a country known for its career politicians, Kerns doesn’t fit the stereotype. Originally not planning to go into politics, Kerns began working as a project manager for an electrical contractor immediately after graduating college. Dale Kerns, a family man, with a wife and two kids, believes that success starts at home. This belief is especially held within him when it comes to education. As a blue collar American, Kerns recognizes the everyday challenges put on the middle and lower class.


Sohaib Tariq

Sohaib Tariq is a hard-working, compassionate, and generous individual that truly cares for the individuals he is representing.  He is a junior at Central York High School, running as Dale Kerns, the Libertarian candidate for State Senate. He has volunteered at the Stony Brook Summer Lunch Program that provides lunches for needy children.  He helps is always willing to help his classmates when needed and has the intelligence to assist almost anyone. His impressive work ethic has never faltered, and he is constantly accomplishing his tasks and achieving his goals.

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