Thomas Westerman Wolf

Candidate for Senate

Thomas Westerman Wolf was born November 17, 1948. He is a politician serving as the 47th and current Governor of Pennsylvania since January 20, 2015. He is a Democrat running for reelection in 2018. Since Wolf was elected into office, his gross income has decreased by one-third. This is due to the fact that he donates his salary to charity and does not accept state pension. Before being elected as governor, Tom Wolf successfully ran his family’s business, Wolf Furniture. His top priority is education, as he donated $1 million to Franklin & Marshall College. Wolf has widened the availability of quality healthcare, he has made Pennsylvania a leader in fighting the opioid epidemic, and made sure minimum wage kept up with the expenses of living. In order to combat the opioid epidemic, Wolf passed five bills to improve the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, limit the number of pills prescribed to minors, make more locations to drop off extra pills and to further educate healthcare workers on safety when prescribing opioids. Wolf also worked with Democrats and Republicans to establish new regulations for unemployment. This assists those who are unemployed but still searching for jobs. The odds are looking to be in Tom Wolf’s favor as the November election is fast approaching.



Megan Zimnicky 

Megan Zimnicky is a junior at Central York High School. She is dedicated to school, work, and various activities. She works 24 hours a week and maintains a streak on the distinguished honor roll. Megan has consistently been recognized by teachers for academic and behavioral success. She plans on going to medical school to become a surgeon. Her responsibility and determination to be the best will drive her to win this election.


George Scott

Candidate for Congress

George Scott is a local man who was born and raised in Dillsburg on a family farm. George Scott went to Georgetown and received a degree in International Politics. George Scott part took in Georgetown's ROTC program. After college, he served in the military for twenty years and was discharged with LT Colonel. He had learned skills such as leadership as he was in charge of 1,800 soldiers during his time he served. He found another calling in Church and became a pastor of a Lutheran church. He is currently on leave from his congregation to pursue a position in Congress. George Scott has many deep roots and connections in the 10th district because of being raised in the area and understands many needs and issues that the people of the 10th district have. George Scott has a background that would usually create a republican but he changes the odds and decides to become a Democrat with open feelings is what is needed for his district. George Scott is a very vocal Democrat that supports Americans getting as much from the government as the government can give. George Scott is supported by many large Democratic issues associations like Humans Rights Campaign who are the leading group for lobbying for LGBTQ. His opinions on pressing issues or policies like Healthcare is that wants to ensure that all healthcare is affordable and accessible to all Americans. George Scott believes that education should be available for every student. He also believes that it should be free and at the highest quality possible. He believes that schools are struggling and need more funding. George Scott says that we need to make secondary education like college for affordable no matter what level of education it is. George Scott believes that the minimum wage needs to be increased. It has been increased since 2009 and is currently at $7.25 an hour. He thinks that higher paying jobs need to be introduced to Pennsylvania to help increase and help the economy in the State. George Scott has been a hardworking and good man all of his life and deserves to be a Representative for the House.

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Blake Collingsworth

Blake Collingsworth is a  17-year-old Central York Highschool student who is currently in his Junior year. Blake was born in California and moved back to Pennsylvania when he was three and has been living here ever since. He has been a Central Alumni for 12 years of his education. Blake works two jobs locally, one is his landscaping company, and the other is as an employee of Coombs Tavern. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and enjoys meeting and communicating with new people.

Robert Patrick Casey 

Candidate for Governor 

Robert Patrick Casey Jr. was born on April 13, 1960. He is an American attorney and a politician who is currently a United States Senator serving in the Senate since 2007. He was the former 49th Auditor General of Pennsylvania serving from January 21, 1997, to January 18, 2005. He was also served as the 34th Treasurer of Pennsylvania from January 18, 2005, to January 3, 2007, when he became a senator. He is a Democrat running for reelection in 2018. He faces Republican party’s Lou Barletta, Green party’s Neal Gale, and Libertarian party’s Dale Kerns who are all gunning to take his spot in the Senate. Bob Casey main priorities are fighting for the American worker by supporting tax policies that can help the American working families and encourage job growth. He also stands with unions and raising the minimum wage In Pennsylvania. His main 3 ideals are to fight for the American worker, stand up for small business, and to protect and strengthen health care. He stands up for small business by helping expand small business so they can employ more people as they hire the most people in an America by far. His last main idea is to protect and strengthen health care. He wants to find a solution that gets more people covered and making the healthcare low cost so no matter what you can afford it. He is also a huge medicare supporter and wants to expand it.



Belmin Sejmenovic  

Belmin Sejmenovic was born on January 8th, 2002. He is 16 years old and was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the son of Bajazit and Remzija Sejmenovic. Hard work is the backbone of his family because they are first generation immigrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Without his parents instilling hard work into his ethics he would not be as hardworking as he is. He never likes to be sitting still and is always looking for action. He plays varsity soccer for the Central York High School. He is very respectful and is determined to do well in anything he does. He is a very outgoing and social person and is open to learning new things and is exceptional at getting people to join his side. He is extremely effective at persuasion and has a generally likeable stance.